Digital Land survey bd

  1. Total Station & GPS Based Digital Topographic Survey.
  2. Preparation of Layout Plan / Master plan.
  3. Superimposed Map on C. S / R.S Mouza map / DAP Map.
  4. Project Location Map / Key Map from LGED Road Map / Google Image.
  5. Earth / Sand Filling Measurement (Pre & Post Work).
  6. Plotting work of Land Project / Housing Plot Survey.
  7. Land Schedule (According to Superimposed Map).
  8. Contour Survey of Total land area & Spot Level Survey.
  9. Find out G.P.S Co-ordinate of every Survey.
  10. Comparing Mouza Map with existing area.
  11. 250M Radius Location Map (As Per Rajuk Rules).
  12. Cadastral Survey &Traverse Survey.
  13. Lay-Out of Building Pilling Point, Column Reference Point Using Total Station
  14. Location map showing on C.S/R.S Mouza map Main / Highway Road, Project Boundary, Connecting Road, Lakes, Canals, Rivers, Open Area, Marshy land, Water Bodies, Drainage etc.
  15. Sector / Block / Zonal / Neighborhood Plan including detailed Sub-division of land uses.
  16. Utility Service Lay-out Plan of Water supply, Gas supply, Electricity supply, Sewerages system, Solid waste Collection & Disposal, Telephone Facilities etc.
  17. Road Network Layout Plan.
  18. Road / Pipe Line Alignment.
  19. Surface Drainage Layout plan.
  20. Traffic Circulation Plan.
  21. Land document checking before Purchase
  22. Area of land Survey, Demarcation & Boundary Survey Using Total Station.
  23. Industrial Area Survey Showing all Present Topographical Object as like (Building, Shed Tree, Boundary Wall, Pond, & Drain)
  24. Soil Test / Soil Investigation.
  25. Building Plan, Design, Estimate & Construction Layout & Supervision etc.

We offer following Services:

Working Details:

Digital Land Survey, Land Document Checking / Searching, Collection of Mouza Map / Khasra Parcha, Land Survey & Demarcation, Land / Plot Identification, Contour Survey Location Map, Site Plan, Earth Measurement, Land Valuation, Survey Report etc.

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